Looking for a PHD in Continuous Improvement

Hello quality gurus :) I need your input in any PhDs (not DBA) program that focuses on continuous improvement or professors you can connect me with in such field of research. From my prior experience with evaluating schools their programs are either strictly Organizational Behavior or Operations Management (mostly focus on the stats part of it). My interest is a mix of both and bring these two departments together which is what we actually miss. I would like to research the mindset of continuous improvement (not simply change management) but link it to the QMS beyond quality departments. I would like to go back to academia and teach them young and instill the seed of continuous improvement into every future employee to be regardless if they'll work in quality departments or not. As Deming said, quality is everyone's responsibility but unfortunately we all know organizations didn't get the message yet and something is broken in our educational systems.

Any hopes for me to get in such a PhD or should I move to Mars on a one way flight :) Pls feel free to connect me with the appropriate minds :)

I used to live in Boston but open to other locations in USA. If none in USA then other countries are ok too or Mars as I said


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Hi good initiative , I too thinking about pursuing studies in CI ,

i haven’t seen anyone having PhD in CI

Good luck! I am yet to see anyone a PhD in CI.

Have you seen these - not sure if they are what you are looking for (Found by google search phd continuous improvement

The first two are people that you could contact to see what colleges have such a program. The third is a degree program.