Looking for LSS BB/MBB with teaching experience

Dear ASQ Members, Dear Quality Experts,

ASQ's Education team is looking for LSS Black Belt experts (preferably Master Black Belt) for an opportunity to participate in a new content project.

  • Have you been training on LSS BB successfully before?
  • Can you easily illustrate key concepts with examples from your own experience (especially as it relates to statistics)?
  • Are you available 15+ or so hours per week for paid work to support the Society?

If that sounds like you, please take this 15-min short online self-assessment to indicate which sections of the Body of Knowledge you're most at ease with:


You can also email me after completing the online survey at htournier@asq.org, or to ask me any questions you may have. Thank you very much, we're very excited to hear from you!

Hadrien Tournier, Director of ASQ Education