Individual Membership in ASQ Pays For Itself EVERY YEAR if you are ...
  • A Senior, Fellow, or Honorary Member
  • Selects the free ASQ Journal as your membership benefit
  • Have 2 or more renewable ASQ certifications
  • Renews using the Synchronized option available to ASQ members.

My point is that if you are a Professional Member with 2 or more renewable certifications (i.e. CQA, CQE, CMQ/OE, CSSBB); your best Member Value comes from upgrading to Senior Member and Synchronizing your renewals into one transaction every 3 years.

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Ray Lotfi
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What is the difference between regular member and senior member, can you identify? I am a senior member and pais etra to receive hard copy of QP!

ASQ offers a free journal to Senior Members and above. I personally selected to receive the Lean Six Sigma Review.

Quality Progress is still free, but you pay extra if you want it printed by ASQ instead of using your own printer for the PDF files.

Ray Lotfi
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Sorry your statement is miss leading, there is not difference between regular member and senior. QP is free for all, except this year they added $10.00 for hard copy that been available since ASQC started.

The statement is accurate. By journals, I am referring to publications in addition to Quality Progress.

Unlike a Professional Member who has to pay a minimum of $65 USD/year to subscribe to this journal, I am able to receive it for free as a benefit of my upgraded membership.

Ray Lotfi
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Thank you Ray

@Trish Borzon I recall that 5 years ago, you and Barb Gamez had a campaign to get more Senior Members in ASQ. I think that any Professional ASQ Member with 2 or more renewable ASQ certifications should be pre-emptively approached by ASQ HQ to upgrade to Senior Member.

The long-term implications are that Senior Members have 25-30% higher retention rates than Professional members in 2021. If we want to keep our current portfolio of members, a small upgrade could make a huge difference.

Of 30,000 Professional Members, I estimate that 6,000 have 2 or more renewable certifications. If even 10% of this particular demographic group were persuaded to upgrade to Senior, ASQ would double its current progression rate.

On a similar note, if there are any ASQ Senior Members with 5 or more renewable applications, who have spoken at ASQ's conferences, been published by Quality Press or ASQ's Journals, served as a Member leader, and balanced between career and professional instruction, I would personally co-sign their ASQ Fellows application.

Trish Borzon
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@Daniel Zrymiak - we're actually looking into that.

@Trish Borzon , thank you.

This actually goes back to the pre-Transformation era, when ASQ had $99 Associate Members. I recall attempting a counter-argument with this membership group that their interests would be much better served, and they would derive far more Member Value, by upgrading to a Full and subsequently a Senior Member level.

At the time, the Senior Membership cost $159, and when the value of the journal was deducted, the net cost was below the $99 level for the Associate Member.

Full Disclosure: One of the perks ASQ extends to their Senior or Fellow Members is the eligibility to be a conference reviewer. Upon successful and timely completion of reviewing abstracts, reviewers receive a discount to the ASQ Conference. I benefited from this program to the extent that the aggregated value of conference discounts alone for abstract reviews recouped the equivalent of MULTIPLE years of ASQ dues.

I recognize that not everyone chases Promo Codes and Member Discounts. Fortunately, there is more to Senior Membership than just transactional benefits.

Consider Quality Progress. When you look at the author backgrounds at the bottom of the articles, do a quick comparison of Members, Senior Members, and Fellow Members. It is indeed a virtuous cycle that the more intensively you commit to ASQ, the more visibility and exposure you are granted as an author, a presenter, or a member leader.

@Trish Borzon this is summarized from the Year-over-Year Geographic Membership summaries, available to Member Leaders. ASQ remains at a high retention rate for its Senior, Fellow, and Honorary members. Whatever ASQ is doing for this contingent, it appears to be working.

Section Monthly Growth and Retention - September 2021 End of Month
Member TypeCurrent CountNew CountsRenew Count12 Month Prior CountGrowthRetention
FEL.+ HON.584256155811%96%

For long-term business planning, higher member retention translates to higher levels of predicted revenue.

What is the expected 5 year value (based on constant individual membership dues and compounded retention rates) of Professional, Senior, Fellow, and Non-Regular ASQ Members?

Non-Regular: Indeterminate based on inconsistent annual dues.

Professional: $375

Senior: $665

Fellow: $780 (more than 2X Professional).