Event Calendar - Does this help you reach your audiences?
Jerri Ji
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Does anyone has actual data to show posting in event calendar helps?

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Great question Jerri, I look forward to hearing what others say. We are eager to help members gain access to Member Unit events, so feedback here is really helpful to us.

Duke Okes
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I can offer anecdotal evidence:

  • In the past 3 years I've “attended” probably 30 or so virtual meetings by ASQ sections other than my own. If they had not listed them in Events I would never had known about them.
  • My own ASQ section has had attendees at our virtual meetings by people outside the section, and again, they would not have known had it not been posted.

I can think of no reason why these samples can't be extrapolated out, although I cannot recommend a scaling magnitude to use.

P.S. Just now attending another virtual meeting of my local section. Three ASQ members from other sections attended (Houston, Puerto Rico, and Lexington KY). 3 of 22 attendees!

Trish Borzon
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Thanks for the question!

@Robert Mitchell and @John Breckline - you both regularly add your meeting to the event calendar, do you have any data or insights?

thank you!


The Ft Worth Section does a webinar closing survey that asks “How did you discover this webinar?”. We list four sources: myASQ, newsletter, website, and by associate. Identical content is posted on the 3 formal channels.

The following is from 5 webinars hosted in 2021, and percentages are a reflection of the total attended (about 140 responded to the survey of 300+ attendees).

  • For Section members, only 16% indicated myASQ Events. Our email distribution brought 60%, after a second notice/reminder 3 days prior to it.
  • For non-section participants, 24% indicated myASQ Events.
    • We have attendees from around the US with several being regular attendees, and beyond US borders... Canada and Europe typically.

Without the webinar posted on myASQ Events, 75-100 total participants (members beyond our Section) would not be served. We believe myASQ “PUBLIC” posting are value-added to our reach to members wanting BOK content or other professional/personal development.

Since posting our monthly Program to the myASQ Public Events calendar our online attendnace has grown from 25 to 80+, depending on the topic/speaker. We typically have attendees from a multitude of States (anywhere from 5 to 11 or more) and up to 6-7 different countries across Latin Europe, Middle East, SEA, Latin America.

Bob M

Phoenix Section Chair

Jerri Ji
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Thank you all for the responses and data points.

Although many of us see some increases in attendance and reaching difference audiences, compare to the 70,000+ member base, the percentage is very low. Especially when most of the events are free. Are we missing something?

Personally I will not remember to look at a list on ASQ very often. However I am on a mailing list for Accendo Reliability. Every week they send out a mailing that includes new pod casts and upcoming webinars/classes related to reliability engineering from dozens of sources. I find this very helpful as I can just scan the list and hit a link to sign up.

Also speaking as a CRE there aren't a ton of events for my specialty.