Quality Objectives and time frames

When planning how to achieve documented quality objectives how has your organization determined the time frame when the objective will be completed? Right now, our general timeframes are very fluid with some being more like an on-going project. Just interested in seeing how others may go about handling this. Thank you!

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Duke Okes
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Time frames are usually aligned to the frame for which the plan is being developed (e.g., 1 year, 3 years, 5 years). But ongoing objectives/projects/initiatives can have interim milestones with related target levels of objectives.

I have ongoing contracts for longer duration say for 10 years

we review objectives on yearly basis ,

few objectives are continued throughout the contract , it depends on the purpose of contract and corporate objectives

When setting quality objectives, make sure they are SMART






If they are not SMART , you will not be able to realise them.

Each quality objective should also have some action plan indicating how you will achieve that target/objective. Once you are clear about action plan then timelines can be easily estimated and it will help you to fix the timelines of objectives.