Hello, I'm in the process of creating a work instruction for Material Review Board (MRB) for an AS9100D company. I was hoping that someone could share their internal SOP's or WI's regarding MRB processes. We are a smaller company trying to go from good to great and we don't have many examples from well established organizations.

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I would also be interested in this topic! I'm in the midst of creating our AS9100D system as well.

Trish Borzon
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Hi @Julio Velasco - we had a similar (ish) question come up on QMS documentation. I'm going to tag a few of the people from that discussion to see if they have anything to share.

@Duke Okes , @Janine Clarkson , @Vaithiyanathan Balan , @David Woods @Michelle Hartman - and examples you can share?



David Woods
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Hi Julio,

How is this conducted now at your facility? Is it a hip pocket meeting around the parts or is it very formal and in a conference room with a presentation? Thanks.

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Duke Okes
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Section 8.7 of 9100D gives pretty good detail on what needs to be done. In your organization, who should MRB consist of, how often will they meet, what documentation will be maintained (what was found to be NCM, how was it assessed as to potential resolution and risks thereof, what actions were actually decided and carried out, …)

Thank you!

Hi David,

Not formal. More like a standing MRB meeting in front of the part in question

Thank you

I can’t say specifically, but engineering and quality have to concur on the disposition. Depending on your customer contracts, you may be allowed to disposition defective parts/assemblies as either rework, scrap or RTV. But for repairs or use as is, there’s a manager level MRB that asks the hard questions and decides disposition. I recommend you create a flow chart for your process.


I'm working in Oil & Gas industry ,where we have procedure to handle non conformance .

we dont have MRB kind of structure . if required i can share a typical Non conformance control procedure.