The ASQ Auditing Handbook - 5th Edition

Just wondering what was the motivation for the 5th edition over the 4th? Has the auditing methods and practice changed significantly compared to where it was when the 4th was published. Of course everyone has seen a big shift in the remote auditing space and how to ensure and enhance the creditability in remote audits because of the need of a particular time of our recent history. Appreciate your thoughts, particularly of the authors' and the SMEs who contributed to the new edition. How about the seasoned practitioners who were not involved with the 5th? Also, does this change the content and the type of auditor we try to create through the CQA program? Thank you.

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Duke Okes
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If the body of knowledge (BOK) for the CQA exam changes, which it did, then the Handbook is updated to keep it aligned with the BOK. Same is typically true for the other certification BOKs and Handbooks.

Trish Borzon
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Hi @Shamantha Gunawardena - Here's the outline of the changes. hope it helps

2019 CQA BOK Map (2).pdf