IEC 80079-34 & ISO 9001:2015

Hello Everyone,

Looking for help with incorporating the IEC 80079-34 into ISO 9001:2015 internal procedures, or is it better to create a separate document? Thank you in advance!

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Its good to incorporate IEC 80079-34 applicable clauses into your organisations ISO 9001-2015 internal procedures
by highlighting the specific requirement of IEC 80079-34

Thank you for your response.
I am currently helping a client obtain their QAR/QAN for 80079-34. This particular organization had almost nothing to start with. If I had an existing ISO system, would leverage it. Document control is a good example. You might need to add specific language for schedule and related drawings, but do you really want to create a redundant document control system for a subset of your documents?

If you purchase a copy of the IEC document, for many clauses, it simply says "x.x of ISO 9001:2015 applies". Other sections will say "x.x of ISO 9001:2015 applies with the following addition(s):" To my mind, that's a pretty clear indicator.

Good luck with it.

Joe Gallant
You are right, we don't want to create a second document control system. I was leaning towards adding the clause statements into our existing ISO procedures, but others felt it would be easier to create a separate document. I have the IEC document and there is really not much different from the ISO standard.

Thank you for your response.