ASQ CSSYB Study Guide: Question verification Ch 3,

I'm inquiring on the following questions as I disagree with the answer key:

Section 2: question 7: Which of following is normal behavior during storming stage of team growth?
a. arguing between members even when they agree on real issue: correct answer in book
b. ability to prevent or work through group problems
c. discussions of symptoms or problems not relevant to task
d. attempts to determine acceptable group behavior and having to deal with group problems

Section 2: question 79: Role of YB in six sigma project usually as:
a. team member: correct answer in book. According to page 32, a team member is not YB certified
b. subject matter expert
c. process owner
d. statistical specialist

Thank you.
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Duke Okes
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For the first question a) is Storming, b) is Performing, c) is Forming and d) is Norming.

For the second question it would be highly dependent on the organization. There is no standard approach. The process owner and/or subject matter expert could also be yellow belts.
John Ross
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Q1: Think about "storming". It's about clashing and fighting to get ones point across. None of the other answers are fit for storming.

Q2: YB is a certificate to learn more about SS. The question is the "role of YB". Answers B, C, D are not at the level of a YB. They are more aligned with GB and BB.