QMS that connect with Microsoft Dynamics
We are implementing a new ERP System-Microsoft Dynamics and are having trouble finding a full Quality Management System that connects with it. It seems the advanced quality module offers NCR, CAPA, Inspections and tool management but that's it. Any recommendations for software that's compatible with Dynamics that meets all ISO 9001: 2015 standards?
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Christylee Watson‍ - Thanks for joining us here & posting. There are several posts within myASQ on best software to use. Check out a few of these posts https://my.asq.org/search?query=software
Hope this helps!
We were also using Dynamics!

Many times I have had this request, but the facts are that Dynamics is controlled by Finance here and we don't really know the possibilities. In fact, that's more or less true. I have already looked quickly at the possibilities of the system and from what I saw, there is indeed a module for the NC but as the ERP are more so than less accounting systems, all that it allowed is to being able to "hook" an NC to material in order to see only how much $ it impacts at the end (obviously, the later the NC is in the manufacturing process, the more expensive it is) - and not to manage the NC itself.

Otherwise, Dynamics seems interesting for handling sample inspection (AQL, etc.).

In short, that doesn't really help us as a quality managers. No surprises then to find so many more complete software "on the side". Here (in Canada, Quebec), there is a company that has developed a suite called "IsoVision". Unfortunately, we didn't set up this solution here for various reasons. IsoVision could link to Dynamics from what I know.

Hope this helps ...
Kelly Gau
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Hi Cristylee - our company uses D365 (Dynamics), and we've been evaluating QMS systems that are compatible. We have found several that seem like they will work, but by far, our favorite has been CARA by Generis. If you have a big budget, MasterControl is always an option, as well. In our opinion, CARA seems more flexible, but of course we've only had sales calls...

Good luck in your search!
Hello Christylee! Take a look at SoftExpert, there are many companies that use it with Dynamics and they understand each other very well!
SoftExpert is a suite that complies with many regulations, including ISO 9001: 2015. The Quality Management System is housed in it, and it is also modular and scalable.
If you have any questions, tell me (www.softexpert.com)