ASQ Canadian Conference 2021 — Risk and Resilience Call for Papers
The ASQ Montreal Section is hosting the virtual 2021 ASQ Canada Quality Conference on the 4th and 5th October 2021 and we are calling for quality field experts to submit proposals to present at the conference in either French or English. The theme of the conference is “Risk and Resilience“.

Our objective is to get attendees to think about quantifying risk in a business sense and understand how to apply tools that help them assess quantitative risks and turn them into opportunities to make their organisations more resilient. We wish to make this conference as interactive as possible and so the basic format is to have a 40-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute breakout group or workshop to discuss the ideas presented. Then attendees would use break-out rooms to discuss the theme and do a summary of their thoughts. We will be offering both English and French language sessions with live translation services available in both languages.

We are seeking representation from the registrars, academia, pharma, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, banking, human resources, medicine and service sectors. We are especially interested in hands-on examples. See the call for papers details and to ask to present an article, please submit an abstract by 30 June 2021 to David Tozer, Technical Committee Chair. The committee will review the submissions and select papers for presentation.

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Jean-Pierre Amiel‍ - Would you like me to post this in the 'News' section? let me know - happy to help
Jayet Moon
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Jean-Pierre Amiel‍ will the submitted/accepted papers be published in some journal?
Hi Trish, yes please spread the good word. Note that we are looking for both French and English presentations or workshops.
JP Amiel
Hi Janet,
We have not decided this yet. Typically we would publish a summary of all presentations or make them available on our site.
We are looking for presentations or workshops in either French or English.
JP Amiel
Sorry Jayet, my phone corrected your name without my noticing it.