World Webinar Conferance Fees
Ray Lotfi
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I have a simple question related to 2021 World Conference. First I should mention that I love ASQ and been member about 28 years.
Since the 2021 conference is webinar that means there is zero expenses for the conference such as space, set up, etc. that we have on real conference. Why ASQ is charging members $575.00, Nonmember $675.00, Student $99.00, and nonmember one year $874.00? How do they rational charging with no expenses plus increasing the fees from previous years. The Milwaukee ASQ should realized by doing so, decreasing sections contribution from under $20.00 to under $10.00 is ABSLUTLY a bad move. Without the sections ASQ-Milwaukee can't exist please
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Duke Okes
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Personally I'd like an option to select and only pay for individual sessions, and/or perhaps just get a copy of the paper and/or slides. To many topics not of interest. Of course I'm an old guy ...
As a conference speaker for ASQ, I can attest that the assertion of "zero expenses" is not accurate. I was privileged to receive the assistance and support of dedicated staff members like Trish Borzon‍ and Becky Schlevensky‍ . My presentation was also vetted and improved by Jennifer Stepniowski

The presentations are "housed" in an application, Conference Harvester, which is funded by ASQ HQ to organize the materials and support presenters. On the basis of the software applications alone, there are costs associated with this specific event for the staff time and technical facilities used to prepare on-demand presentations.
Trish Borzon
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I can certainly confirm that the software/platforms used are not free. :)
Ray Lotfi
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Sorry that people missed my comment/question. The fee ASQ-Milwaukee is charging for the webinar is the same/more than the regular World Conferences that has multiple of costs such as locations, set up, etc. Webinar fee $575.00, $675.00, $875.00 respectively, and cost ARE NOT THE SAME and I am asking WHY? They already reduced sections support from $20.00 to $10.00, they don't give sections INTEREST of their funds, hello?
Having been on the Conference Council for several years, I can assure you that there are costs associated with virtual events. Aside from the amount of time that our full-time ASQers put in to help the Technical Program Committee and the Speakers, there are costs to getting the sessions recorded. Keynote Speakers are also a cost. Knowing that virtual experiences are not going away, ASQ has invested in a new platform to deliver conferences and training that will be used for WCQI. There are many costs associated with a virtual event!

For reference I went back to see what was actually charged for WCQI in past years. In 2019 members paid $1199 (early bird was $1095) and non-members $1299. In 2018, members paid $1095 (early bird was $995) and non-members $1295. It has been many years since members paid $575.

Regarding the comment on Section support, at the start of the pandemic the Board of Directors (20 member volunteers) voted to suspend the allotments to both Sections and Divisions. Not knowing what was ahead and the fact that travel was not allowed, we believed this would not present a hardship. In Fall, with no end in sight for pandemic impacts, the Board again voted that allotments for Sections and Divisions would be reduced by half for 2021. Please know that if your Section is in need of additional funding to provide member value, there are funds available through your Regional Director.