Quality Management Software
Hi Everyone,

I work for a company that manufactures A/V equipment and I'm looking for QMS software that can help out the Incoming Quality Control department, specifically with inspections and material management. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation or advice, good or bad. I have evaluated around 30 software packages, but I don't come from a traditional quality background and could use any advice that someone wants to share!


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In my company, a small engineering company, we found after looking at all the commercial applications and the software we already used for material management, supplier management, etc. that it was cheaper and quicker to just design our own Quality Software, integrated into a SQL database on our SharePoint Portal.

We laid out the requirements. Did a buy, build, or reuse analysis. And came up with the best option was to build our own. All the commercial applications just had too many things that they did, that we were either not interested in, or our other software tools could already do.

Also, if this is going to be a major purchase for your organization, I would check to see if there is a Gartner's Magic Square for what you are looking for. If you have never heard of Gartner, talk with your IT department. They may have an account already established.
I'm doing the same thing for our company with a small access database. It will track and store everything I need to keep records for our ISO17025 accreditation and work flows. Just takes longer to develop and use than an out of the box software but for a small lab it's the most economical option and gives exactly what we need without the fluff.