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Gary Vale
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We are looking for a statistical SME source or links to resources to help us develop a process for our incoming material inspection. Currently we are us a AQL sampling plan and would like to look at

a new more efficient method (if available) of changing the inspections levels up or down based on history or even waiving if justified.
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Gary Vale‍ - you might want to look in the Statistics Division community . and their resources
And the Inspection Division -

Also tagging a few people from the divisions to possibly help answer your question - Mindy Hotchkiss‍ , Gary Gehring‍ , Steven Schuelka,‍ James Spichiger‍ , Ben Tomic
hope this helps!

Gary Vale
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Hi Trish, Thank you for the direction I have a look in those locations.

Hi Gary,
With regards to sampling inspection, I am most familiar with the attribute sampling standard ANSI/ASQ-Z1.4. This standard provides instruction on how to change "inspection levels" based on past performance. You can try double sampling plans using this same; these will reduce your inspection costs though they will impact your risk.
Another option is to use ANSI/ASQ-Z1.9, a sampling plan used for variables. While this standard is more complex than the attribute standard, it might lower your inspection costs due to smaller sample sizes.
Good luck
Jim Spichiger