International Women's Day is March 8th - Who has inspired you?
Trish Borzon
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Hi everyone,
Which women have inspired you? I think of so many women members who have inspired me! Some of the greats who come to mind are the following. Not only are the exceptional at their work, contributions, but they've also become good friends.
Elizabeth Keim‍, Grace Duffy‍ , Janet Raddatz‍ , Patricia La LondeJamison Kovach‍ , Kristin Case‍, Elizabeth Cudney‍ - AND so many more. :D

Who inspires you?
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So many awesome ASQ women inspire me! To name a few: Ruth Stanley‍, Nancy Nouaimeh‍, Jane Keathley‍, Leigh Ann Schildmeier‍, Karen Maskell‍, Susan Peiffer‍, Ondina Castillo Amaya‍, Awilda Knopes‍, Lindsay Lapatinsky‍, Sheronda Jeffries‍, Aimee Siegler‍, Madhusmita Nayak‍, Andrea Kozek‍. This list could go on and on; hoping I'm not offending someone I didn't shout out there! I'm blessed to have met so many inspirational amazing women leaders within ASQ!
Trish Borzon
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Therese Steiner‍ - YES - and you! There are so many wonderful women we have in our community :D
Thanks Trish. Geraldine Ferraro is someone that comes to mind. She broke an important barrier by being the 1st women to run for Vice President! You can read more about her background at
Jerri Ji
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Marie Curie, first woman to win a Nobel Prize.
Grace Duffy
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What an honor to be mentioned, Trish. Thank you. I count the same women you mention here as my shining stars. I have had the opportunity to work with several and learned so much from them. I add Elizabeth Burns, Jd Marhevko, Sandra Furterer, and Heather McCain to this list. I also love that some of these women are in the next generation who will take over the leadership of ASQ when I am long gone. My hope now is to support our new generation of leaders move up to the plate and take us to the next level of performance as a professional society.
Thank so much Therese Steiner‍ for the mention!! I am blessed to meet women like you, Nancy Nouaimeh‍ , Ondina Castillo Amaya‍ ,@Luminita Carmen @Andrea Kozek‍ and Rhonda Farrell Oller‍ and many more!!!!
I must definitely add Heather McCain to my list, an ASQ leader, dynamic teacher, and even a great friend. A tremendous resource, leader and mentor!!
My Statistics 101 professor in college was a woman, more than 30 years ago. It was a small class, and she really pushed us to understand what the data was saying to avoid drawing false conclusions. To this day, when I see data analysis, I ask the questions that she taught us in that class. I didn't know it at the time, but this class contributed to my interest in quality as I started to develop my career path. Through my involvement in ASQ, I have had the privilege to work with so many amazing women - I'm afraid to miss someone if I start making a list, but currently, I'm lucky to be working with Therese Steiner‍ in working with sections in our region, working with Ursula Williams‍ on programs for the Customer-Supplier Division, and had the opportunity to develop CSD training content with Daniella Picciotti‍.
Therese Steiner, including you! I have also met so many inspirational women leaders within ASQ and ASQ Community (Customers and Member Leaders).
Congratulations, Madhusmita, for being mentioned here!
Ray Lotfi
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Absolutely 100% RBG and Nancey Pelosi Always.