World Day of Social Justice - how can we each further social justice?
February 20 is World Day of Social Justice (World Day of Social Justice | United Nations).

Social Justice, in broad terms, can be defined as “action intended to create genuine equality, fairness, and respect among all people.” (Welcoming Environment® Glossary of Terms) We like this definition because it focuses on action. What can each of us individually do to promote Social Justice? A few simple ideas to start:

  • If you see something, say something. If you see questionable or unacceptable behavior, report it to ASQ. Review the ASQ Code of Ethics and how to report policy violations:

  • Mentor someone or become a mentee. Ask for opportunities and help create opportunities for others.

  • Make sure everyone has a chance to speak. In a meeting, if you notice someone is not being heard, speak out and ask for their opinion.

  • If you’re in a position of selecting presenters at an ASQ event or authors to write an article in a newsletter within a Section or in a Technical Community, seek a diversity of voices to include.

  • Learn about social issues in your community; listen to under-represented and diverse groups and reflect on which mismanaged privileges can translate into unmet needs affecting their wellbeing.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what you can do to further social justice. What are the simple and impactful changes you can make where you are that will ensure greater equity? Add your thoughts to this discussion board!

- ASQ Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce

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More ideas on ways to advance social justice in your community:
Therese - thanks for being part of this task force and doing the needed work to bring social justice to everyone's awareness!
Greetings ASQ,

I am glad to join the conversation! Social Justice begins with, self awareness, being intentional about educating self and others on social justice and inequalities. Diversity & Inclusion is a great way to learn, educate and apply information that has been deemed socially just or perhaps be a voice for social injustice.

The theme is Restorative Justice to reclaim humanity. The key is to implement understand others’ perspective or establish cultural sensitivity, having thoughtful leadership that are not afraid to have the tough conversations and be intentional about addressing the issues, and making the necessary structural changes throughout the organization.

I’ve chosen an article that speaks on the Black Lives Matter Movement to highlight ways social justice can be deliberately lived and applied in the community and workplace.

Take 5 -10 minutes to read the article.

Monique H.
ASQ Dayton 0909

This is a great initiative Therese!
Everyone's contribution to Social Justice counts.

Listen more

Volunteer and provide support whenever possible

Embrace diversity

Spread the word and practice what you preach

Hello Therese Steiner‍, thanks for bringing to our myASQ this imporant topic. Social justice is so relevant... Even more now due to the pandemic and the digital transformation. The health crisis has also made visible the growing differences within, between and across developed and developing countries. There is a particularly concern in knowledge distribution and reliable vaccine distribution, since not everyone has available, affordable information, or adequate health access or even quality infrastructure. Quality is important: certify vaccines, certify distributors of vaccines, document the procedures of hadling vaccines... An error can cause damage...and deaths. Quality Philosophy is rooted in service to humanity, service to society, because everyone benefits from quality. The spirit of Quality is to protect the interest of the nations. Quality protects the consumer no matter their identity. Fostering quality for every customer means to that we seek ways to create value, which brings employment, decent employment...So social justice and quality are interconnected in many ways. Both are allies in creating a equitable and happy society.
Excellent responses! I don't have much to add except to agree, especially with listening to understand. The one tenet that has served me well over the years is that if something is important to someone, then it is important. Period - no justifying, no judgment.

Thanks for starting the post Therese!
Thank you Therese!

I've got two thoughts to offer around understanding and the way we interact.

Practice listening to understand not only the facts of a situation, but also the feelings and values of the individual. It provides insight to the intention behind an action.

Suspend any pre-judgement and engage with curiosity.
Trish Borzon
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Therese Steiner‍ - Thank you for sharing! This is great.
Thank You Therese!! This is a very important topic, and everyone’s contribution is valuable.
Social justice promotes fairness and equity across many aspects of a society and everyone deserves equal social rights and opportunities.
To ensure equality I embrace diversity and understand my community needs.
I volunteer to provide support to others by working with local organizations.
I support small business in my community and online.
Last but not least, I am kind and compassionate, making sure everyone feels welcomed.

Hello Therese,
Thank you for the thoughts on social justice. I believe that we all have to learn to get along and cooperate at various levels to ensure social justice. The beginning comes from family and training the kids by actions and advises. This follows into groups and associations and so on.