Agile Six Sigma Master Thesis Research
Dear All,

Are you experienced in Six Sigma and agile approaches? I have created a survey based on expert interviews on how to combine elements of both worlds. Please support my work and take 15 minutes to fill out the survey. By investing only 15 minutes of your time you could make a tremendous impact on my research.
If you know Six Sigma and familiar with Agile, I will be happy to receive your answers!

The link to the questionnaire:

It would also be very helpful if could repost the questionnaire on LinkedIn ( or if you could share the survey within your business network.

I would be happy to share the findings. Thank you very much in advance!
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Hey Aleksandra now all my Lean, Six Sigma an CI project portfolio we useagile backlogs to implement and follow up them
Hi, have you thought about sharing your survey with PMI or the Scrum Alliance? They might be interested in it.
Hi Felipe,
yes, backlog can be a very useful and practical tool or element, if applied correctly
Hi James, thank your suggestion:)
I have contacted PMI, but I have not received any reply yet.