Basic Quality Management Jeopardy Game
HI All!

I am the faculty advisor for the State University of NY-Fredonia Student group. We are having activities night on Saturday via Zoom to recruit new student members. The students would like to do a simple Quality Jeopardy game. Does anyone have a template or set up we could use that is Zoom friendly? If so, would you kindly email me directly at

Thank you kindly!
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Lisa Walters‍ - how fun! I think Robert Mitchell‍ might have something, he does great things with the Phoenix section. We've had some trivia from World Quality Month...I'll check to see if I can locate that. You'll have to let us know how it goes! :)
Good luck!
Yes, the ASQ Phoenix Section has conducted Quality Jeopardy Team competitions during our December ("Holiday") Program meetings. These were run back before COVID, aka face-to-face. We had attendees sit at round tables of 6-8 each. Each team was supplied with a buzzer. The first team to buzz in would get to answer first. Teams would be awarded points for each question answered correctly, and lose points for wrong answers. We had a 15 minute Jeopardy session followed by a 15 minute Double Jeopardy, then a Final Jeopardy just like the TV game show. We even had "Daily Double" Jeopardy questions that would pop-up where the team could select the point value they wished to risk.

I found an Excel template on the internet whereby one can customize his/her own Jeopardy questions and answers. The Excel template would then populate Powerpoint via a Visual Basic macro. I built our questions based on CQA, CQE, and CMQ/OE exams. The only feature I could not quite get to work properly was the Final Jeopardy question. I simply resorted to a manual slide advance for that portion of the competition.

It worked well but took some practice. People were engaged and had fun.

I will send to your email address a copy of my Jeopardy files (Excel template and PowerPoint slides).

Trish Borzon
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Hi Lisa Walters‍ - I know I already emailed this to you, but adding it here in case anyone else is interest :)

Trivia_1604_119053 (1).pdf
Thank you very much! The students put several of the members' input to their Jeopardy game, and it was a big success! They are going to run it again. Thank you and all who contributed again!
Trish Borzon
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Lisa Walters‍ - GOOD! I'm so glad it went well. :D They should have enough to build a few games -haha
Thanks everybody for sharing.
Lisa, would you mind sharing what your students came up with?
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