New Year Greetings to Quality Community!!
New Year Greetings to Quality Community!!
Dear QC,
A warm welcome to 2021,with heart-felt goodbye to 2020 which was extraordinarily challenging and unwelcoming to whatever role we played-QA, QA, Inspector, Auditor etc. But the great news is that we realised,survived, thrived and ever ready to fight back. In 2020, the below was my realization on Quality principles/ practices and I would like to know about yours.
With this, my sincere gratitude to YOU all who are very committed and are hidden gems for any organisation, individual and community.
Yours' sincerely
Quality Professional
TQM "Then and Now"
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Trish Borzon
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Madhusmita Nayak‍ - And Happy New Year to you too!  2020 was certainly full of challenges, but by coming together, we saw it through. 
all my best 
Very true Trish Borzon‍ !!