Quality headcount as a percent of company?
Hello and Happy New Year! 
Does anyone know a benchmark or industry average of the size of the Quality organization as a % of the company? I have been asked about this in regard to a small pharma company that has been mainly clinical and is now taking a product to commercial. The Quality organization is trying to grow inn order to address all the requirements, and is getting some push back.  Obviously it will differ based on the company, and what they are doing, but I was wondering if anyone had any input they could share. 

Thank you so much!
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Susan Shockey‍ - thanks for joining us here & posting.  I'm tagging our Research Librarian Gretchen Peterson‍ to see if we have anything about this in our benchmarking materials.  

Thanks Gretchen! 
thank you!
Hi Trish Borzon‍ and hello Susan Shockey‍ 

Information like this just seems to be hard to get to.  Here are my suggestions.  And, please be sure to log in to asq.org before attempting to download any of the materials that I've linked to below.

This report is certainly getting older but it is worth looking at: https://asq.org/quality-resources/benchmarking/using-enterprise-quality-measurement-to-drive-business-value-best-practices-report?id=ad1d3f9096274393916aa351adfc5b17

This report offers more pharmaceutical industry specific information: https://asq.org/quality-resources/benchmarking/asq-global-state-of-quality-2016-quality-in-the-pharmaceutical-industry?id=ff28cb6ea7c84bcea270dd45c86269c6

You might also want to take a look at some Salary Survey results to see what you can glean. This section is the best that the survey can offer in terms of information like this: https://asq.org/quality-progress/articles/salary-survey-2019-part-1-section-9-salary-by-division-size-and-organization-size?id=ad68671534ee4127a4b06d5e7efa27d2

Because this information isn't always readily available, it would be interesting to see if anyone adds to this thread to share some "real world" information with you. 

Good luck and I hope that the information that I've offered provides you with some useful information!

thank you Gretchen, I will take a look at the reports you provided. I actually remember participating in that 2016 survey!