Looking for company wide introd e-learning on 8D
I am looking for leads on  8D e-learning. Looking for about 30min to1hour level of depth with built in quizzes. Something that can be deployed company wide. Thanks! 
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I suggest you search You-Tube.  When searching for other Quality tools, etc. i cam across several 8D topics.  Most are between 30-60 min so i believe you will find several that fit you need there.  

Search for 8D, TOPS, Eight Discipline, 8-Discipline, problem solving, etc.  

The will not have quizes, but you can add them using something like Survey Monkey to test what is important in each of the 8 steps.  
Hadassah, I offer two 25 minute videos on 8D. Here is a link to my catalog: https://douglas-c-wood.square.site/s/order
If you want to talk, we can discuss your needs, contact info on the website.
John Avers
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I recently came across a superb free video thoroughly covering 8D and the main quality tools including 5 Why.   The video is three hours long, so you'd have to  break it into segments and make up quizzes. To check it out google "Trigo effective problem solving"   They also offer 2 day sessions including at your workplace.