Audited Financial Statements
One of the initiatives this year by the 2020 ASQ Board of Directors has been to “Create and sustain an ASQ-wide fiduciary stewardship and transparency program”.  If you were able to hear the Chair’s remarks at the Annual Business Meeting or have seen other communications on this topic, one of the objectives is to “Establish a set of metrics to measure on how financially transparent our stakeholders believe the Society is”.

Earlier this quarter a survey on how our members perceive the financial transparency of ASQ was sent to approximately 1/4th of our membership.  There were several questions on that survey including the one I wish to focus on this post today.  That question was, “Do you know how to find ASQ’s audited financial reports?”  Eighty nine percent of the respondents selected “Maybe” or “No” to that question.  To help push that percentage lower, for those that are interested, let me share where on the website you can find the 2019 Audited Financial reports.

You can find this past year’s audited financial statements and basis of presentation documents (as presented by the Society’s external auditors and approved by the Board of the Directors) at:

The download is 34 pages long, full of financial information about ASQ’s operations.  During the Annual Business Meeting, I presented a summary of these documents.  The recording of that meeting is available here on myASQ. 

You will see another message about this important initiative very soon so watch for that post.    

Steven Schuelka
ASQ Treasurer  

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Trish Borzon
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Thank you Steven Schuelka‍ 

where would the q4 2021, and q1 2022 reports be?

Duke Okes
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Sure would like to see metrics presented in graphs that allow seeing trends over time. Isn't that what we teach our organizations?

Duke Okes
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PS. There is no link behind the “here” for the recording.

Typically these are posted after the Board of Directors has approved the financial statements. The May 2022 board meeting will approve the 2021 Audit Report prepared by ASQ's outside auditors. Likely on the agenda is a review of the Q1 2022 financials. I would expect those two quarters along with the year-end report to be shared around the end of May.