Corrective Actions - Dirty Dozen

Hello all,

I work in a mid-size manufacturer/distributor specializing in products to accomplish the safe and correct regulated transportation of dangerous goods. 

I'm looking for information, in two parts, on corrective actions involving the use of the human effects "dirty dozen" (not human error) as sources of nonconformances.  Specifically, 1) does anyone have direct experience in using this approach to formally correct nonconformances, or improve processes in general, and 2) are there any documents out there such as texts, white papers, presentations, etc. that cover this subject?  

Thank you for any and all assistance in this subject.  

Lee Baker 

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Leroy Baker‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for your membership and the post!  I'm going to tag our Research Librarian Gretchen Peterson‍ - she might be able to find some info for you (because she's pretty awesome!).  I'm also tagging some of my favorite contributors that might have some help for you - Duke Okes‍ , Joseph Basala‍ , Grace Duffy‍ , - could you help a member out?  Thank you! 
I did a quick search on for human error & found this - just click through the types of content to find more.  hope this helps

Good Luck Lee! 
Duke Okes
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If you google "dirty dozen" and "root cause analysis" you'll get many hits/references
Grace Duffy
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I appreciate Duke looking on Internet for references. Yes, he is correct, there is much there. 2017 5 30 Human Performance Technology Practitioner ISPI.pdf2017ASQAuditDivision_ConferencePresentationTemplate Duffy.ppt

I hope the attachments are in a form you can download. One is a paper I found while working with a company that focused on Human Performance Improvement, rather than Process Improvement. It sounded like a good way to blame individuals, rather than improve the outcome. I did an Audit Conference session on the concept in 2017. The presentation is also attached. There are some more references for HPI on the last slide in the presentation that might be useful.