Looking for volunteer work
Hello, I am a mechanical engineer with 4 years of experience as a quality engineer and manufacturing engineer and I am looking for an individual or organization who would like to give me the opportunity to work on any six sigma project or any quality project would be geat.

You can contact me on savangoswami@live.com

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Savankumar Goswami‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thank you for being a member.  I'm pinning this to the top of the discussions, so it doesn't get lost.  
Good luck! 
Hello Savankumar,

If no one has reached out yet, perhaps if there are any non-profits in your location that could benefit?

A food bank, homeless shelter, food line, or a disaster response group similar to the Red Cross.

You may have to educate them a little on what Six Sigma is, but you may find someone local that could benefit. 

Good luck with your adventure,