Layered Process Audits
I'd be interested to know if anyone is doing layered process audits and what are your experiences so far, pro and con. If you know of any good resources where I could learn more about layered process audits, I'd appreciate that as well, or if you'd be interested in networking on this issue, I'd like that as well.
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Duke Okes
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AIAG has a Layered Process Audit Guideline (CQI-9) and Omnex has a seminar on it.

Just googling the term brings up many resources.  It's not very complex so these may suffice.
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Layered Process Audits (LPA) is an excellent technique for strengthening process control.
I had the opportunity in using starting in 1997 at a General Motors subsidiary, as the Quality Manager.
This was a greenfield project hence we used LPA interfaced with Process Flow Diagrams, PFMEA’s, and Control Plans. A Plan-Do-Check-Act plan was drawn.
I have initiated and used LPA at many plants.

LPA has a big payoff in terms of waste reduction, safety, 5S, Poka-Yoke verification, PPM, and COQ.
Overall the ROI on LPA is excellent.

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Hi Duke,

I think the CQI-8 is LPA, CQI-9 is for Heat Treat but I wanted to thank you for your response.  Based on your recommendation, I'm going to order the LPA guide and use it as our primary reference as we implement LPA's this last quarter of 2020.  Like you said, there are many resources available with a simple Google search, but I find when developing and deploying a new program, having a single governing source helps keep the team aligned. 

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The LPAs have been a good tool at my company. We have found many small issues in the production areas. Occasionally we find larger issues.

I do recommend updating or changing the questions, that are being asked to the operators or about the processes, periodically. I have found that when I ask the same questions over and over again, I start answering the questions myself since I know the processes. The operators also give me cookie cutter answers since they know what to say.

I have talked to the others that do the audits and they feel the same way.