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Many of us work with companies that have a footprint from areas around the world and at a minimum supplier from around the world.  This means we must understand the cultures and the standards from those different global geographies.  One way to do that is to learn from conferences that are put on around the world and that have speakers with experience form around the world.  Over my 40 years with ASQ I have done just that, listened to and learned from experts from different industries, cultures, and geographies. 

ASQ has always collaborated with world partner quality societies and has a formal world partnership with many of them and with Virtual meeting forums it is possible for all of us to attend conferences in areas that we may not have been able to afford to travel to.  I hope you are all taking advantage of these events, whether it be in the next town, state or country to expand your learning and contacts.  One such virtual, free, event coming up, 
Inaugural APQO Virtual Conference 2020.  Want to know more?  To find out more about the Inaugural APQO Virtual Conference 2020 click here.

I leveraged my membership with ASQ to have a rewarding career, I hope you leverage and seek out the many ways to continue learning!!
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Patricia La Londe‍ - Thanks for sharing.  I'm adding the link here https://www.apqo.global/conference.php 
looks like a great line up!  Good Luck :D 
Thanks for sharing.  I'm adding the link here https://quotesjin.com/understanding-quotes/