Confirmation for Registration of event
I have registered for the upcoming event: 
ASQ Detroit Oct 15, 2020 General meeting
The topic is - 
Conducting Audits using Remote Technologies

I have not received a confirmation through me email yet. This is my first time
attending the event.

Anyone have an ideas how could I go about joining?

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Kah-Marn Lee‍ - I'm pulling in John Hall‍ from the Detroit Section to see if he can get that for you. I'm also sending the secretary an email.  Hopefully we can get this fixed so you can participate. 
John Hall
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Kah-Marn Lee:
Someone from the PDC committee will send an email around 5 pm. 
In the past, I have received them between a few minutes after 4 to a little after 5.
The account is owned by ASQ national and shared with the section. So, we have a 3-4 hour window that is reserved. So, I don't believe we can send out email before our window and login into account.
I have attended the full session of the meeting. At the end of meeting, we were told that the RU letter will be sent out to all the attendees.
It is almost 1 week since the meeting, I have yet to receive the RU letter.

Any updates?