Shopfloor inspection form
Hello all
I am new to ASQ. Working as Quality specialist with a automotive MNC. 
Can some one suggest me a online form builder whcih can be used for shop floor inspection activity. 
Now: inspection results are recorded in paper forms
Target: Want to do this in digital form for better data collection and control/analysis.

Thanks in advance for your inputs. 
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Duke Okes
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Have you looked at Google Sheets?
I typically hesitate to use existing forms for anything other than a starting point. 
Do you know what information you want to gather and how easy it is to gather?
When you say inspections, what type of inspection do you want to perform (safety, job status, cleanliness, key quality marks, kpi performance, etc.)?
Knowing these will typically help give you a place to start, then you can modify any forms you get to capture the correct information in a logical flow/format so that you can begin to build into something better for your workplace. 
Depending on what you are looking for, I may have a few items to help you get started. 
Hi Vijay,

I haven't found a great electronic form building software for complex forms, but I have been really happy with ETQ Reliance for electronic document and simple record management. There may be modules available that will work for your needs. The forms are very easy to configure. It may be worth a look.