September 2020 Challenge
Each month I have been posting challenges to our members to increase the level of engagement on myASQ.  For this month, the challenge is relatively simple:  Send a message to someone on your Friend's list.  It can be as simple as "Hi", it could be an update on how you are dealing with Covid-19 in your work environment, or it could be a message about any future training or certification exams you plan to take.  Connect with someone - networking is one of the biggest perks of your membership.  
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I failed to find out how to post a a message to a friend in MyASQ. We do have info on COVID from our most recent newsletter that I want to get out.
I can't do it. Where do I find "my friend "list. It is not a item across the top. Do I have to go to DCD to find my friends?
Please help.
I'll bet I'm not the only one!
Ray Crawford
Trish Borzon
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Hi Raymond Crawford‍ - Are you an Admin of the DCD group?  If yes, you can send it out directly as a notification from the DCD group under the Community Admin tools.  I would also suggest dividing your newsletter into articles and posting them each separately, so you can tag them appropriately for search functionality.  
Let me know if you'd like me to walk you through that.  

Here in the ASQ Phoenix Section we have several tactics to engage our members on myASQ.
  1. I, as Section Chair, send a personalized "Welcome" message to all new myASQ Phoenix Section Community members monthly.
  2. We, the Phoenix Section member leaders, follow an assignment schedule to post a new Discussion topic to seed member dialogue
  3. The Section is sponsoring a drawing where every month we award Gift Certificates (or offer the winner to donate their winnings to a food bank) to:
    • 3 new myASQ Section member profiles
    • 2 Section member participants to existing Discussion topics (or replies, comments to posts), or upload/download files, videos, photos
    • 1 Section member who posts a new Discussion topic
  4. The Section myASQ community admins cross-promote other Section and Division events on our community page
Trish Borzon
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Robert Mitchell‍ - thanks for the tips.  I also suggest that Member Leaders add new members as a friend, then send them a personalized note - how can we help sort of message.  
Thanks for all you do!  It's much appreciated :D