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Hi Trish Borzon‍ :

Today I received my printed June edition of Quality Progress.  This included an cover sheet characterized by an "URGENT NOTICE" message, a notification that this would be the LAST ISSUE! due to my membership expiration of June 30, 2020, and instructions to join any or all of ASQ's 26 technical communities.

I have affiliated with ASQ's 26 communities since July 1, 2019 (my first day of such eligibility), and the ASQ records show that I renewed my membership on May 12, 2020; 48 days prior to expiration.

I would like to understand why my Quality Progress included such a prominent (and misdirected) renewal message.  The use of the URGENT NOTICE term is normally associated with late-stage collection notices or tax penalties.  In the future, I recommend a quick reconciliation of member status prior to sending out communications for renewal or affiliation to members who have already completed their respective transactions.

I also politely and respectfully suggest that the use of visible URGENT NOTICE messages, implying delinquency or overdue payment, be restricted and used only as a last resort.  Such notifications could be distressing to those already challenged with existing financial circumstances and may end up doing more harm than good to our members.  The engagement for membership renewals should be positive and affirmative, and financial collections should be discreet.
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Can't agree more, very well said. 
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Hi Daniel Zrymiak‍ - The notification was sent in error by QP's printer, and we have taken corrective action to address the mistake. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.
In addition, an email was sent to those effected explaining the situation. 
Your membership is renewed.   Please accept my apology for the error. 

HI Trish Borzon‍ 

You are very gracious to express an apology for something that you were not personally responsible for.  You have always been part of the 97% of ASQ HQ who interacts very cordially and professionally with our membership.  I also acknowledge that ASQ's marketing and service messages have been carefully crafted to engage current and prospective members in a positive light. 

This is why the URGENT NOTICE theme seemed so out-of-step and contrasted sharply with the more positive and affirmative messages from ASQ this year.  I question the use of the URGENT NOTICE image when the membership is not yet expired, nor has passed its grace period.  I find this to be somewhat hostile and antagonistic toward the member whose payment may be delayed for reasons they would rather keep discreet.