Does anyone have experience with QT9 QMS?

Hi All,

I work for a small medical device company (~50 employees) that is experiencing all the growing pains of scaling up with a paper-based system. We're in the market for a cost-effective eQMS and have a long list of requirements. Most products that I've evaluated have at least one deficiency that is a deal-breaker or are just too expensive.

QT9 QMS is on our shortlist. I've spoken with some of the references provided by the sales rep. I was wondering if anyone in the community has experience with QT9 QMS and would be able to provide some feedback. Here are some of the main questions that I have:

  1. Pros of QT9 QMS?

  2. Cons of QT9 QMS?

  3. In your experience, how long does it take to fully implement?

  4. Agree or disagree that inability to customize workflows is a deficiency, and why?

  5. QT9’s pricing seems low compared to similar products. Am I missing something?

Thank you!