Networking Game: People Bingo
I am looking for examples of a quality-related set of questions (~ 100) to generate a set of people bingo cards for an upcoming Section networking event / ice-breaker. 

Websites exist to generate the bingo cards (5 rows x 5 cols), but I am in search of possible questions so I do not need to “reinvent the wheel”.
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That sounds fun!  Were you thinking something like:  Find someone  who can name the person who developed a system of profound knowledge" and they find someone who knows the answer is Deming?   The Father of Total Quality Management?  Person who said "Quality is Free. It is not a gift but it is free.":  

I have a very handy book called "Quality's Greatest Hits" by Zigmund Bluvband and have used the information therein for a variety of fun games and puzzles.  It has the key quality concepts in list and outline format. I think you could find 100 questions in there easily. 

Another idea to find questions:  You could do an internet search for Quizlet flashcards on Quality. The first one I found with a quick search has 54 questions. 

Hope this helps and have fun! 

Ellen Martin 
Actually, I am looking for example Bingo questions that encourage networking such as:
  • CQE (or other ASQ Certifications)
  • 30+ ASQ member 
  • Fellow
  • ASQ awardee
  • Team Excellence winner
  • Team Excellence judge 
  • past Section member leader
  • past Division member leader
  • Baldrige evaluator 
  • etc.
  • ASQ Committee member
  • ASQ instructor 
How about:
someone who has attended WCQI
someone who knows where WCQI is being held in 2021