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Hello members, I work in a medical device manufacturing company under FDA regulations. I am considering posting "Key Point Diagram" at each manufacturing workstation. Can someone point me to industry best practices for "Key Point Diagrams." Are there any resources for preparing "Key Point Diagram?"
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Duke Okes 1670
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I've not run into that terminology during my (pretty long) quality career.  Might you be talking about "critical control points" such as used in HACCP?

If you can provide a reference for where the term "key point diagram" is used that might help.  Google finds none.
Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Kaushik Gorahava‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for posting.  I think I'd need more information on what exactly you are trying to convey at the workstations.  I've heard of Key Points as more of a form of communication in speeches or keynotes, somewhat like a top three things to remember.  

Let us know a little more & we might be able to point you in the right direction. 
Sounds like a job aid. Is the question what makes a good job aid, what controls should be in place around managing job aids, or is it more a visual placement? Or all of the above - if in fact we are talking the same thing.
Jerry Rice 103
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Kaushik Gorahava‍,

The best place to start in my opinion would be to check out Job Instruction (JI) Breakdown sheet. It is part of the Training Within Industry (TWI) program developed over 60 years ago. The basic concept has 3 components. 

- What is the activity step
- What are the "Key Points" for the step
- Why are the key points important

It is typically used for OJT as talking points for the trainer, but I assume could be posted for shop aids.

More info can be found at TWI Institute
Here is a slide share that goes into more detail about the Job Instruction Breakdown

Hope this helps.