Making Quality Control Systems Better!

Dear colleagues and fellow ASQ members,

I’ve been working and consulting for various types of manufacturing firms domestically and internationally for over 20 years mostly assisting them with their Quality Control processes. I’ve seen many challenges they’ve been facing and going through to make this a more effective and efficient process for their organization. Such as getting a more accurate rate of work in progress (WIP) on their shop floors, and how to improve their MRB process to have a better continuous flow running on their manufacturing lines.

I’ve been working on strategies and creating concepts from the experience I gained in this area to create a more useful model for Manufacturing firms to use for their Quality Control processes.

I wanted to reach out to discuss and get your thoughts and experience in this area.
What challenges have you faced in this area?
And do you think that there may be a need for improvement in this area of Quality (Inspection/Quality Control Systems)?

Looking forward to hearing back with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.