WCQI Keynotes announced
Trish Borzon
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Hi everyone - we're excited to present a great lineup of keynotes this year https://asq.org/conferences/wcqi/keynotes 

I'm really looking forward to hearing Derreck Kayongo.  Who are you looking forward to hearing? 

Hope to meet see all in Columbus! 
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Derreck Kayongo is a great choice for a keynote.
Trish Borzon
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Right?!  I hope I'm able to see him.  
Janet Lentz
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Shannon Polson looks like a great choice.
Dan Burrows
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Any keynotes on the topic of quality?
Dan, not sure about the other speakers, but I just presented at the Lean Six Sigma conference in Phoenix and quoted the work of James Clear.  His work is directly applicable to Lean, especially Leader Standard Work.  I'm super excited to see he will be speaking: his NYT best seller is a must-read for anyone involved with Lean.