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Hi All,

I just joined a small organization (~20 people) and we are just now beginning to look for software solutions for everything from Sales and Customer tracking to eQMS, LIMS, ERP, etc.  

I'd love to chat with someone or learn about some particular challenges or benefits implementing these solutions and especially your experience with growing these tools. Did you use a consultant to help define requirements and find solutions? Did your company sucessfully find solutions that scaled the first time?  If not, what would you have done differently?

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Hi Sabrina, 

What a great opportunity to have your hand in development in the business! I am not in your situation, but have historically used ETQ for eQMS. It is expensive, but a really great system. If you are looking for autonomy and flexibility, consider - they have a completely configurable system that allows you to customize any automated business process.

Good luck with this search!

This is my life. Please let me know if there are specific topics you would like to discuss. I've implemented just about everything twice or more by now.

1. Use of consultants - sometimes, depends. This is a complex question that depends on a host of factors. My major warning is avoid use of consultants to drive strategy and vision.
2. Sometimes. The better the user requirements, the better the decision making, the better this will end up.
My best experience was when the company procured software system, did not customize it, but rather change the way the company worked, to fit the software.  The software covered both operations and quality management systems.

Also,  procure the document "Quality Management System Benchmark survey vendor software system use February 2014" by Quality & Regulatory Network.  It is a survey of life science companies and what software they use.