eQMS Solution for Knowledge-based Industries (e.g. Engineering / Consulting)
We are looking to improve upon our existing eQMS platform (external developer... won't name names).  At a high level, our options are either to: (a) develop the system ourselves using our SharePoint Online platform, (b) adopt a ready-made solution by a software developer (minimum customization required), or (c) subscribe to a cloud-based service (SaaS) model.  One of the issues we're having with our current system is that it required a great deal of customization at the outset, and ongoing maintenance costs with the developer are getting out of hand.  The entire system is not user-friendly, even for the quality professionals who use it everyday.

I've skimmed through the discussions and I've come across candidate names like TrackWise, MasterControl, and ETQ.  Some of the threads are over a year old, however.  Just looking for commentary on what enterprise-level eQMS solutions could be good options for us to consider.  A key criteria for us is that the solution must be user-friendly and inviting from the standpoint of all of our staff; it cannot be so specialized that only quality professionals will understand how to interact with the system.