End Customer Technical Data
Hello all, 

   I am heading a process improvement project where one process constraint is receiving technical data from the client. We are an engineered to order business and produce capital equipment products. The end user site data is a required input for the engineering process. Our value stream mapping has identified that data is not received timely placing a significant crunch in our engineering and manufacturing schedules. This often leads to other related failures and bad practices. To add,  this data is often routed through distributors, as they are directly selling to the end user. 

Next step in the project is to identify the why's. However, it is obvious that the platform that the data is presented and shared needs to improve. 

I was hoping there would be some people out there can share best practices used as a platform for sharing data in this nature. 

Thank you
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This sounds more like a communication problem than a platform problem.
We also provide custom-engineering and manufactured products to our customers. Do you make gantt charts for your projects? It might be helpful to share a gantt chart (we use MS Project) that includes the customer's input as one of the steps in the timeline that will become a bottleneck if not completed on time. Alternatively, do you do design reviews? They can also be a great tool to get customer feedback.