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Amanda Foster 1083
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Hello all! I know I kind of dropped off the myASQ planet here for a while. I apologize.

Tomorrow I start a new position in a new company for the first time in over 18 years! I am moving from integrated logistics/engineering services to manufacturing. It's a big shift for me and I am both nervous and excited about this next chapter. This will also be my first experience in a lean environment so I am certain that I will have lots of questions for my friends here on myASQ!
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Good luck, Amanda!!
Luigi Sille 380
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You are going to be amazing Amanda Foster‍  Good luck
Trish Borzon 9
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Congratulations!  That's Great news!  Good for you.  I'm sure you'll do great :D
Good luck on your new position Amanda. 
You will find a lot of fun in manufacturing industry, good luck and have fun!
Good luck, Amanda! 
Amanda Foster 1083
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Thank you for all the good wishes. It is definitely a change for me, but so far it seems to be going well!
Janet Lentz 4611
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How exciting for you! Best of luck in your new job.
Amanda Foster 1083
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Thank you Janet Lentz‍. It has been quite a challenge for me, but I've been gleaning quite a lot of wisdom from your comments on other threads. It definitely seems that you have traveled the road I am walking and it helps that you share the wisdom you've gained in your experience.  
Congrats and good luck Amanda!

David Harry 709
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Good luck Amanda. I know you will bring tremendous value to your new company.