Quality Policy
Sandy Dietrich 1084
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Looking for examples of company Quality Policies, if you are willing to share. We are looking to revise ours and debating over the "zero defect" wording. Thank you!
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Amanda Foster 1083
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[We are] committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, continuously improving the effectiveness of the QMS, and meeting or exceeding our customer requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Hope that helps!
Sandy Dietrich 1084
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Thank you! Hope to see more!
Duke Okes 1670
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Google "example quality policy"
Michael Hirt 306
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GHSP recognizes why we are worry free in everything we do.
"Worry free" means meeting customers expectations and standards, both internal and external. "every thing we do" expands beyond just part Quality.

This translates well to all of our World Wide facilities

Sandy Dietrich 1084
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That is one thing we try to do- make the Policy understandable to all levels of the organization. We want it to be relate-able, not conceptual.