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Looking for examples of company Quality Policies, if you are willing to share. We are looking to revise ours and debating over the "zero defect" wording. Thank you!
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Amanda Foster
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[We are] committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, continuously improving the effectiveness of the QMS, and meeting or exceeding our customer requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Hope that helps!
Thank you! Hope to see more!
Duke Okes
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Google "example quality policy"
GHSP recognizes why we are worry free in everything we do.
"Worry free" means meeting customers expectations and standards, both internal and external. "every thing we do" expands beyond just part Quality.

This translates well to all of our World Wide facilities

That is one thing we try to do- make the Policy understandable to all levels of the organization. We want it to be relate-able, not conceptual.
Looking to re-start this thread -anyone open to sharing their quality policies ?  Looking to create something for our organization that is relatable and focuses on the consumer and their experience and how our product quality influence that - would love to see examples from other consumer products companies (and yes, I have searched google for examples and there is not much out there to be found).
Hello!  I am the Quality Manager at my company and am happy to share our Quality Policy.  It is an acronym - PACT (Professional, Accurate, Competent, Timely).  We chose to create an acronym so that it is easy to remember.  We have a staff of about fifty, and every employee has "PACT" (and what the letters stand for) committed to memory.  I confirm that during our internal audits.

Here is the actual policy:
AASHTO re:source is committed to the quality of our products and services by (1) maintaining a professional relationship with our customers, (2) providing accurate products and services, (3) maintaining a competent organization, and (4) providing timely services to our customers.  All AASHTO re:source staff are required to familiarize themselves with the AASHTO re:source quality management system (QMS) policies and procedures, and to implement these policies and procedures in their work. In addition, the management of AASHTO re:source is committed to maintaining compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17043 and to continually improving the effectiveness of its QMS through Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology. The following are specific goals related to AASHTO re:source’s commitment to quality: This is where we list our measurable objectives under each header in PACT.  We currently have twenty-two measurable goals, and we report on those at quarterly staff meetings and during multiple yearly management reviews.  For example, here is a goal we have listed under Timely: Maintaining an average report life cycle of 20 days or less for final on-site assessment reports. I issue corrective action reports if we fail to meet any of our goals.  We review and revise these goals several times a year, often adding new goals in the process.  

I hope that helps!
Scott -

I have attached our Quality Policy.