Looking for a Webinar for Auditors - Delivering Negative Feedback

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Looking for a Webinar for Auditors - Delivering Negative Feedback

Posted by Marie Lawton on Feb 12, 2019 2:28 pm

Hi everyone!

We have almost completed our series of our annual internal audits for AS9100. We have a mix of experienced auditors and very new auditors. I am looking to educate my team on how to deliver negative feedback. Some of the new auditors are delivering results to old bosses who have very strong personalities. While I have played the intermediary and provided feedback to the auditors on how to approach those in a management role who may intimidate them, at some point they will be on their own and will need the skill sets to deliver to various personalities.

Does ASQ have anything out there? 

Re: Looking for a Webinar for Auditors - Delivering Negative Feedback

Posted by Kaiwen Cheng on Feb 18, 2019 4:24 pm

I am not sure if ASQ provide a Webinar or not.  In my view, especially for quality professionals, the solution is to master the communication skill.  I have tried a long time and can’t find a program covers everything.  I ended up coaching my organization on my own.  In fact, I started my 2nd career teaching that now.

At the very high level, the person delivering the results should focus on two things: 1.  Understand your audience.  2. Communicate via telling a story with facts.  Every group of audiences have difference set of characteristics, it is critical to have some understanding prior delivering the message.  Using their terminology and understanding their priorities would help the talker to phrase their message.  For example, they won’t be happy anyway if the line is crashing down when the auditors are trying to tell them to focus on long term training improvement.

The second part is “telling a story with facts”.  Lay out the facts then helping the audience to follow our logic to reach the same conclusion.  For example, during audits, deliver the audit finding by starting with the requirements then add the observations (or the facts), then explain how we reach the conclusions.  Once that’s done then invite them to tell us if they can reach different conclusion with the facts.  That takes emotion out of the conversations.

However, it takes mentoring and practices to make it works.  Webinar is likely only help those who are good already.  That’s my experience, let me know if it helps and best wishes.     

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