The key to unlocking the full potential of Quality Management Systems (QMS)
Trish Borzon
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Presenter: Alan Daniels

What is the main message you want participants to take away? - Our world has changed drastically in the last two years. We have been forced into using new technologies and the human factors of how we work has potentially changed forever. How we manage quality and the quality culture must evolve to meet new and fast changing needs. This presentation explores a fresh look at a quality management system that has gotten stale for some and brushed aside to address emergent issues by others. - QMS is an investment and in order to get the full benefit of that investment it requires maintenance and attention to explore its full benefits. - The presentation will cover QMS as a business system and investment, the value in QMS maintenance, getting back to basics, the documentation trap, the theory of insanity, preparing for audit and breaking the sleep mode after achieving certification or compliance. Why is the message important for participants? - If you haven't refreshed your QMS in the last 10 years you are overdue. In today's fast moving world it is essential to balance new technologies, our quality systems and the human factors associated with the culture of quality. - In today's fast moving world technology can sometimes overshadow the human elements and culture we strive to build and maintain. We will explore steps to strike a balance and optimize both. How will you structure your session to deliver value? The session structure will provide both visual, written and verbal interaction with the participants building a framework and scenario that participate can relate personal experiences to and When during the session will participants be able to interact? - Participant interaction is vital for a presentation to engage the audience and enhance the learning experience. - Several interactive questions will be posed throughout the presentation and select participants will be asked to share their experiences. How many practical takeaways (or learning objectives) will participants acquire (5), and what are they? - Provide a guide for people to use post certification audits intended to achieve the tangible QMS benefits that executives are looking for. - Explore ways to create the Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) to reinvigorate an aging QMS. - Discuss how getting back to basics can be beneficial. - Explore how technology can both enhance and detract from a management system. - Take a look at how a QMS/Requirements Management System can simplify the very complex and sometimes political environment surrounding integration.

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David Hehir
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One of the issues with our quality management system is getting the balance between having a robust system and having a system that the teams can keep up to date. Too much vs too little documentation.