An Automotive Industry DFMEA for the Death Star
Trish Borzon
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Presenter: Matthew Barsalou

This presentation describes how to create a Design Failure Modes and Effects (DFMEA) that will be compatible with the AIAG/VDA FMEA Handbook and the updated SAE J1739 guide to DFMEAs. Previously, suppliers in the automotive industry had to conform to one of three potential FMEA guides. Companies supplying German OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturers) had to conform to a VDA standard and companies supplying North American OEMs needed to conform to guides by either AIAG or SAE. The AIAG and VDA have released a joint guidebook and the SAE guide has been updated. Now, a supplier may need to conform to both guides when delivering to different customers. This talk explains how one flexible DFMEA can be used to avoid needing separate DFMEAs for different customers that receive the same product. A hypothetical DFMEA example is used to illustrate how to do this; in the case, the example is a DFMEA for the Death Star from Star Wars.