Identify, Prioritize, and Engage Stakeholders to Achieve Ongoing Stakeholder Accountability
Trish Borzon
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Presenter: Daniel Zrymiak

This presentation applies the proven methods and practices from Social Responsibility and Project Management to enable attendees to effectively Identify, Prioritize, and Engage Stakeholders. This is performed in a continuous manner in order to achieve Ongoing Stakeholder Accountability. This Presentation follows the phases of the Stakeholder Journey with explanations, demonstration of examples, and a summary of the methods for use by attendees: 1. Identify Stakeholders Conduct a Needs Assessment to identify Stakeholders. Consider the Sphere of Influence of the internal and external Stakeholders (i.e. process, transactions, governance, economic, legal, political, public opinion) Use the PETIT method (Preparation, Empathetic, Transparent, Integrity, and Testimonial). 2. Prioritize Stakeholders Determine and quantify concerns, relative to costs and potential business risks. Highlight potential objections and resistances to change Conduct and refine Stakeholder analysis (i.e. impact, urgency, proximity, frequency) and apply to plans. 3. Engage Stakeholders Monitor external and internal flows into and through the organization, engaging Stakeholders at their critical points of influence and interactions. Attendees will have a chance to learn and see examples of these techniques. Attendees will gain a methodology for identifying, prioritizing, and engaging Stakeholders. This will have a positive impact on any Quality Improvement initiative or Business Transformation endeavor involving those Stakeholders.

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Hi @Trish Borzon for posting this. My hope is that this stimulates more dialogue on the importance of Stakeholders and Stakeholder Management. This concept is core to both Project Management and Social Responsibility.


Please find attached the presentation. If this is something relevant and interesting for ASQ's Member Units, I would be delighted to work with ASQ's Member Leaders to arrange for a virtual presentation or recorded session.

PRES_WCQI2022_StakeholderAccountability_Zrymiak (03-APR-2022) v1.pdf

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Dan Zrymiak

@Trish Borzon I did not submit for 2023 WCQI so if there are any sections or divisions that would find this presentation interesting, I would be receptive to presenting at a mutually convenient time.