Audit Like a Jedi Knight – Guidance from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Susan Gorveatte, Gorveatte Consulting Inc.

Area of Focus: Basics and Session Level: Basic

Presentation Description: Auditing is more than just asking questions. It is about effective communication, being a strong leader, and remaining true to the purpose of the audit. Attend this session to avoid being a “Darth Vader Auditor”; the ones who use their audit “powers” for the dark side, to exert power and punish. Learn to be a Jedi Master of auditing adhering to the principles outlined in ISO 19011:2018 and using your skills to conduct collaborative interviews and build strong relationships with your auditees to ensure audits are value-added for the organization. Being a trained auditor does not always mean you will be a successful auditor. In this session. Knowing how to approach people, how to build rapport, how to listen to and use non-verbal cues in interviewing, while reading body language are skills that will help you perform value-added audits with audit findings the organization can act upon. These skills will be presented from the point of view of a Jedi Knight using the Force complete with analogies from the Star Wars Universe created by George Lucas.