A Quality System for Football Coaching, Scouting and Management
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Jeff Rosaine, J Rosaine Quality and Consulting

Area of Focus: Basics and Session Level: Basic

Can a Quality Management System help a football team achieve success on the field? As high-level pro and college teams are spending more resources on analytics and collecting data, the use of Quality Tools to get the most out of that information is a natural progression. This presentation will focus on basic Quality Management Tools and apply them to a business and pastime that millions of people across North America know and love, football. The presentation will focus on some key devices such as non conformance reports, methods of root cause analysis, identifying Risk and Mitigation, and ultimately taking effective corrective action so mistakes on the field, and in the coach’s are not repeated. The presentation goes further, also exploring how Preventive Maintenance, Calibration and Document Control can be of great assistance to managing some off-field activities of the organization. And while the illustrations and applications relate back to football, you don’t need to be a coach or superfan to get value out of this presentation. The examples can be applied to all sorts of business applications. Football is simply a common and familiar platform in which to present them.