Honor Deming's 14 Points through Modular Kaizen
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Grace Duffy, Management & Performance Systems

Area of Focus: Basics and Session Level: Basic

An early lesson in ASQ’s Introduction to Quality training covers the 14 Points, the basis for transformation of American industry, introduced by W. Edwards Deming in his 1982 publication. “Out of the Crisis.” He further explored the 14 Points in “The New Economics” in the final year of his life in 1993. He clarified the impact of integrating the 14 Points to the role of a people manager after organizational transformation in his Theory of Profound Systems. Like Deming’s focus in quality improvement, Modular Kaizen uses a systematic blend of techniques and leadership to establish a culture of Quality Improvement within the organization. Deming approached quality starting with data, from the “bottom up.” Modular Kaizen, from the perspective of Joseph Juran, approaches quality from the “top down.” Where you start depends on your leadership style. No matter what, we must create a repeatable, reliable, sustainable system of planning, implementation, improvement, and control within the organization, and our complete value chain. This session introduces Modular Kaizen, associates Deming’s 14 Points to the leadership and human factors approach of Modular Kaizen and engages participants in discussion applying the 14 Points and leadership techniques of Modular Kaizen.

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