Disciplined Problem Solving Demands Disciplined Communication
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Frazier Pruitt, Southco Inc

Area of Focus: Basics and Session Level: Intermediate

Whether to share knowledge with peers or pitch a proposal to executives, there comes a time for problem solvers to communicate. After hours of methodical research and analysis, problem solvers get a thrill from the discovery of a solution. Often, they build a presentation outlining the journey in an attempt to share their excitement. Only later realizing that the audience had lost interest, the message was unclear, and the excitement was not transferred. This unfortunate phenomenon happens during all sorts of technical communication and is very common during six sigma projects. The problem is exacerbated in a six sigma project by the DMAIC structure. While useful for problem solving, if the communication uses the same define, measure, analyze, improve and control steps it is not conducive to creating an engaging story or ‘getting to the point’. This presentation will teach communication techniques in a pragmatic way that problem solvers will appreciate. It describes the keys to effective communication and how to compose a logical narrative structure whether for white papers, memos, emails, or presentations. Then, together we will transform a six sigma DMAIC example using a narrative and pyramid structure to get your message heard, understood and accepted.

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This presentation is 43%* more interesting and 62%* more exciting then the title suggests. Also 100% applicable for everyday communication. I can't wait to see you there.

*data from completely fabricated survey

Trish Borzon
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@Frazier Pruitt - Did you know that 72% of statistics are made up on the spot?? hahaha (yes…I just made that up)

Enjoy the conference!!

All data jokes aside, if you have never heard of the Minto Pyramid Principle this is the presentation to check out on Wednesday.

It is a shame that this remarkably simple and effectively technique does not get taught, but I would lile to fix that at #WCQI2022.

I know by Wendsendy we will all be exhausted but I promise to bring energy and entertainment to this practical and interactive session.