QMS for Data Driven Decision-Making and Growth
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Charles Cox, Firefly Consulting

Area of Focus: QMS and Session Level: Basic

Processes are becoming more intricate and interwoven, often including complex supply chains. Unsurprisingly, this can translate to difficulty in understanding, controlling, and monitoring ongoing quality outcomes. Add to that ever-evolving regulatory and certification requirements alongside increasingly tailored internal and external customer expectations. The necessity for a framework and related resources to initiate and continuously improve the management of quality efforts is imperative. And yet, establishing a QMS requires much more than purchasing and implementing a piece of software. First, a company must determine its most important quality metrics and create the associated administrative processes including data collection, analysis, and results communication to key decision-makers. The QMS has the potential to be a competitive differentiator in every part of an organization’s operations. From driving gains in market share to measuring financial capability, it can boost multiple aspects of your business performance. This session will cover the key elements to consider when designing a robust QMS, maximizing its value, and creating it to serve a wide variety of masters and needs, both current and future.