Improving The Integrity of the US Electoral Systems Through Quality
Trish Borzon
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Presented by: Kerry Bass, Potential To Reality Consulting LLC

Area of Focus: QMS and Session Level: Basic

Quality decisions should be based on objective facts developed by applying scientific methods using the quality arts in cooperative human activities. However, it seems these principles are often voided when it comes to political issues as ad hominem, personal attacks, spurious arguments, and biased “facts” often replace objectivity. The recent US elections create concern among Americans of all political persuasions. It is proper to question how to assure valid voting processes and vote recording from eligible voters without external tampering. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) issues guidance to support states who decide the policies to enact, processes to follow, equipment to use, and procedures to apply that will result in equitable results that are just and fair. ASQ’s Government Division is concerned with the quality of elections and has established a Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity (CEQI), with the mission of working collaboratively with external organizations, internal ASQ technical communities, and ASQ headquarters to encourage widespread adoption of consistent quality standards and practices into government electoral processes. The CEQI will help determine appropriate actions ASQ and our quality community can take to improve US and other governmental elections. This session will report the state of progress by the CEQI.